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So you have had a hard day, week, month, or even a year and you feel like packing it all in and giving up! Maybe even get a job working for someone else, less stress right? The short answer is ‘no’. It will not be greener on the other side going back to being an employee having to ask for time off, being paid a decent wage which soon becomes minimum wage, and having to plan everything around your new job is the whole reason you left or started your business in the first place!

You need to remember why you choose to be an entrepreneur and work for yourself? What was the reason, was it to be your own boss and work the hours you choose earning the wage you want, maybe it was for your family so you can build a better life for them and build a better work-life balance, or maybe it was to change your family tree and break the mold, either way, you started this for a reason and it is a great reason to you!

This is why you should not give up on your dream, at the end of the day if you are not being consistent or putting the work you need in instead of procrastinating then you would not expect your business to make much however this is all easily fixed with looking after yourself and your mindset! This is all taught within the BBCA as you would not believe how much mindset plays in every aspect of your life.

Here are 10 ways you can help improve your mindset and get back on track not just professionally but personally.

  • Time out. Sometimes you need to clear your mind, change your space where you work or even organise your home, and taking the time to do something for you, will help your mind be clearer and more focused and more importantly ready to work and get those tasks done that you need to be done in order to get those clients and make a presence. Simple set an alarm for 10-20 minutes and use that time for you then once that alarm goes off, you will know it is time to put your boss hat on and get started again.
  • Brain Dump. Do you ever have things on your mind that you feel you can not tell anyone else but it is filling your brain so much you can not concrete? then you need to use the brain dump technique, this is a great way and also a good thing to do just before bed and you will find getting to sleep will be easier. Simple grab your notebook and write down every little thing that is in your mind and you can even go as far as writing down anything you have or have not done that day as well.
  • Set a timer. Using a timer is a good way if you are rubbish with timekeeping, I like to write 3 things I must do and I know if I complete these 3 things I will be happy with my progress and to help keep me on track I will set my alarm with a set time I will spend on each task and before you know it you will have so much completed and the difference will show in your business.
  • Take action. Is easier said than done, especially if you are too much on your mind to concentrate? That is why you should work on the 3 main tasks a day rule and for those 3 take the action to get them done and complete, you will fill on top of the world but better than that, you will feel on track.
  • Set boundaries. All entrepreneurs need boundaries, without them, we will lose track, procrastinate, and take too long to complete anything especially if we are easily distracted. The best way to help you set your boundaries is to manage your time and I would even go as far as creating a time slot that is just you and your business and that means no noise, no phones, and nothing that distracts you from your tasks at hand. Remember you can say no to people without feeling back and definitely if it is going to help you succeed.
  • A good laugh. A smile with true laughter is definitely what the doctor ordered when you are having a bad day or feeling down, this has been scientifically proven to release happy hormones and when we are happier we are more creative and productive. So if need be take some time out for yourself and watch a good movie or spend time with someone who makes you feel good, you will be thankful for it later.
  • Go and have some nice food and drink. Don’t restrict yourself on anything. If your idea of nice food is a big fat greasy burger, chips and a coke. Have that. I just had salmon and half a bag of lettuce. I feel like a queen haha. I think I am due on and I am so HUNGRY! But I will just keep eating as I see fit because I just don’t have the brainpower to limit myself today. Shame cos I need it! 😆
  • Take accountability. Take a minute and think about when you started your business how happy you were and then have a really good think as to what might have happened and work out a realistic fix to solve the issue, 9 times out of 10 it is to do with us and not being accountable for our actions and instead we blame everyone and everything that could of stopped us, we need to change this and start being accountable for our own lives and a good way to start is to make a list of things which has changed and what you have done differently, find the issue so you can find a solution without blaming anyone or anything else.
  • Gratitude. America has a holiday called Thanksgiving and it is a day to be grateful for every little thing in their life and this is something we really should be doing every day, even the smallest of things we should be grateful for as you will always be luckier than someone else in your life and by writing these down will help you to not only realize the truth but be able to visualise it and your mindset will be in such a stronger position for you to work on and the best bit you can do this within 10 minutes.
  • Make a decision. This is important within the business, okay so do not get me wrong it is not set in stone and can be changed later on if needed but that being said you need to be able to make a quick decision in your business especially when it comes to branding as these decisions might be the decision that will make your business get to its destination quicker and if you are always waiting on the perfect finished product you will never get to the next stage of making your presence within the world.

Sometimes you may need to see a GP to help with your mental health and mindset but these practical tips can help you to make the small changes and make improvements not only in your business but in your personal life as well.

If you ever try these then let me know if you have seen a difference and work these into your daily routine.

Until the next post, have a great day.



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