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What is a vision board and do you need to have one? This is a great question and I am going to tell you why you do and why I strongly believe in them!

I have been using vision boards for many years and find them a useful tool to help direct my attention and bring clarity to what it is I want and why I want it and I strongly believe a vision board can do this for you too, the best bit is it does not take long to create and you can have it printed or a digital copy displayed where you can easily access it every day to help keep your mind focused!

I strongly recommend Canva to create your vision boards and they already have templates to help you get started, all you need to do is add your own images and even text if you desire, and to top the free templates off you can also access Canva for free however if you are like me and just LOVE Canva for all your business needs then I strongly would recommend their premium plan but if you are just going to use it to create your vision board then the free plan is fantastic and I have included a link below for you.

Access Canva Here


So what does a vision board look like?

A vision board can be a photo of an area in your life that you would like to improve or a goal you have in mind that you would like to achieve. Generally, you would create a new vision board every year or every 6 months depending on how quickly you can complete your board and replace it with new goals and ambitions. Basically, a vision board can be anything you have in mind and what you think is achievable or a dream you would like to make come true, just ensure you can relate to the images you add and do not worry if no one else understands them as it is only important to you.

So let me explain one of my vision boards to provide you with a clearer expectation, this vision board above starting from the left shows a computer clearly set in a living room setting and this is my goal for this year to stop the employment side of my life and become a full-time educator. The next picture showing a book and a coffee mug is my way to remind myself that a goal would be to write a book at least once a year and then the image to the top shows fitness and this is something I want to improve on in my personal life! The next image is of my cosmetic brand Khalindra and this is something I would like to focus more on this year and gain more exposure. Lastly is a house, as the dream would be to own my own.

Now do not get me wrong my vision board may not all come true this year but what I will simply do is reaccess if this is something I truly want and am willing to put the hard work into it and add it to my next vision board, at the end of the day even if that one, two, three, or even four items needs to stay on my board at least it will be kept as a goal and help drive me forward to succeed and it can certainly do the same for you.

Remember to have fun and do not overthink your boards just go with your heart and add the things which will drive you!

If you still need help to create your vision board then why not join me in my new coaching academy program where I will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish!

Until the next post, have a great day.



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