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Booking Courses

You can book your course with us through our website. Please see our courses and booking pages for ways you can book your course with us.

Payment & Deposits

BeautyBoo accepts cash, bank transfer, card payments and PayPal for all courses booked.

All payments must be settled before the course starts.

BeautyBoo reserves the right to request any payment upfront for any services or products.

Course deposit and payment plan;

You can pay for your course in instalments by choosing to pay a deposit at checkout. Your deposit will secure your place on the course and the remainder of the balance must be paid by the end of your chosen course date, please note certificates will not be issued until the course balance is fully paid. We will require a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your course.

Online and Virtual courses Cancellation policy;

Online and virtual courses – Are non-refundable and cancellation will need to be made in writing within 7 days of purchase. If you chose to cancel your course, please submit your cancellation in writing too hello@beautyboo.uk. You must not have started your course and all course material and equipment must be returned in its original packaging, unopened at the cost of the customer, we suggest using tracked delivery, if the equipment cannot be sent back or has been opened for any reason, you will only be entitled to a partial refund of the course price and not the kit price, this will be refunded once the kit(s) has been returned to us. Due to online courses being a digital content and you can not return the course educational material for a refund there will be a charge of £40 deducted from your refund to cover the cost of the educational material sent to you. If the course is cancelled before the educational material has been sent, then a full course refund will be provided.

1:1 and Group course Cancellation policy;

You will have 7 working days from booking your course to change your mind and cancel. If you chose to cancel your course, please submit your cancellation in writing to hello@beautyboo.uk. All courses must be cancelled a minimum of 48 hours before the course is due to start to receive a full refund, If you cancel on or after the course start date you will only be refunded 70%, this is due to administrative fees and late cancellation. all course material and equipment must be returned in its original packaging, unopened at the cost of the customer, we suggest using tracked delivery. if the equipment cannot be sent back or has been opened for any reason, you will only be entitled to a refund of the course price and not the kit price, this will be refunded once the kit(s) has been returned to us.

Course date deferral;

You will need to contact us 2 working days before your course starts to defer your course date. If you chose to defer your course, please submit your deferral in writing to hello@beautyboo.uk. or call us on 07438427567Once we have received your email, we will then email you with the availability of other course dates to choose from. Please note if we do not receive your email 2 days before your course starts, an admin fee of £20 will be chargeable to refer your date.

Mobile Courses

If you smoke, please smoke before I arrive, but please not while I am visiting as I do not wish my equipment and clothes to smell of smoke as this is unpleasant for my next client to smell especially if they are not a smoker themselves.

If you have any pets please keep them out of the room where possible, this is due to health and safety and I cannot provide a great service if I am being interrupted by animals throughout the course.

Please keep the room where the course is taking place just for me and you and ask any other household members not to come into the room while you are having your treatment done, this is for health and safety reasons and if you have young children please arrange for someone to look after them during your course.

If I am providing you with a mobile course, please ensure I have somewhere to park near your home, if there is no parking available please let me know during your booking as my equipment can be very heavy.

If I am coming into your home to provide a course please ensure I have a clean and clear area to place my equipment in, this will prevent my equipment from becoming damaged and allow me to teach you more efficiently.

I will bring all the equipment you need to complete your course apart from towels, please ensure you can supply 2-4 towels for use during your course.

A travel fee will be added to your course to cover the expenses for us to come to you, the amount will be confirmed and payment arranged during your course booking. The fee amount will depend on your location and how many days the course(s) is over.



All refunds for eligible courses will be processed within 14 working days of receipt of course material and equipment is returned in a re-saleable condition, which will be decided at our sole discretion once all the items have been received.

All deposits paid to secure a course date and/or towards a payment plan are non-refundable.

All online courses are non-refundable under the digital goods act.


If you have not met our standards to pass your course, we will invite you back onto our next available course date free of charge.


If your certificate has been lost or damaged we will be able to send you a replacement certificate at an admin charge of £15. To request a replacement certificate, please email us at hello@beautyboo.uk. with your full name, email address, the date you completed your training and the course name you are requesting for. We aim to send replacement certificates within 7 working days.

If you require a hard copy of your certificate then please email us with the above details and we will be happy to send a hard copy of your certificate for an admin cost of £15.

Treatment and case study photo’s;

We may use any case study pictures you send in on our website and/or social media pages to help promote our courses and services. During treatments, we may take pictures to showcase on our website/social media pages. By purchasing a course or treatment you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. You can request for your photo’s not to be used by emailing hello@beautyboo.uk.


We are currently in partnership with Insync Insurance and they can be found on our website, BeautyBoo cannot guarantee you will be covered by Insync insurance nor will you be automatically covered, you will need to access their site to receive quotes and to inquire if they can provide you with cover. Insurance is the responsibility of the students and BeautyBoo will not be held liable, for the student’s not being covered by insurance. 


Our courses are intended to give the knowledge and the skill sets to perform your chosen treatment(s), each course is taught to the highest standards and allows the student to gain the general knowledge they need to obtain an accredited certificate and allow the student to gain insurance. However, BeautyBoo is not held responsible or liable for any risks caused during a procedure nor is it BeautyBoo responsibility to ensure you follow your own local rules, regulations or your insurance policy is upheld, this is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure they research and follow their local rules and regulations, their city council, legislation and insurance policies. BeautyBoo is not held reliable in any case of legal encounters that is in relation to licensing, regulations, or any aspects within the procedural operation. If there are any medical concerns then the client must seek professional diagnoses or treatment, as these courses should not be used as a substitute for medical advice as they only provide general knowledge.

If you chose to not purchase your kit through BeautyBoo, then we are not reliable for the quality of the kit, we are also not reliable for how the kit you purchased elsewhere looks, performs or last. If you have problems with your kit please take it back to where you have purchased it from. Please check before purchasing your kit if you are unsure it is the right kit you will need to complete your course.

Additional Terms and Conditions

User Rights and Access;

It is your responsibility to ensure you have configured your own computer and software to access the material and content on our site including any downloadable files and resources when purchasing our digital products. We do not warrant that the way we deliver data to you is compatible with your software on your mobile device, computer or tablet. Although we do our best to protect our site, we are not responsible for any viruses, bugs or similar issues. We advise that you use your own virus protection software to protect yourself and your device’s.

We have the rights to update and change elements on our website and our terms and conditions, please do not relie that the information is correct at all times, although we try our hardest to ensure our website is acute and up to date we have no duty in providing this and therefore BeautyBoo is not liable for any loss or damage you may incur from using our site and the materials we provide. We have no legal responsibility to notify you of any changes made to our terms and conditions and also to our website.

We provide all visitors with permission to our site as a temporary, non-exclusive visitor.


All material and website elements are subjected to copyright and are the property of BeautyBoo and BeautyBoo Training Academy. If you attempt to copy, sell and use our material including our manuals and assessments without our consent, you will be prosecuted. To enquiry about permissions of usage please contact us on hello@beautyboo.uk.

Computer Offences;

It is a criminal offence to misuse computers, for example, obtaining unauthorised access to our server or database and trying to make an attack by introducing viruses, worms, Trojans and any other technologically harmful or damaging material and your right to use our website will end with an immediate effect. If you are found to be misusing computers and their software, you will be reported to the relevant authorities and we will provide the authorities with any details of your identity.


We do not guarantee the accuracy of our website or materials provided and it is your responsibility in the way you use our contents. BeautyBoo will not be liable for the below;

  • Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentations

  • death or personal injury

  • nor for any act, omission or matter which may not exclude or limit under the applicable law

BeautyBoo is not liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, this includes the below;

  • loss of profit

  • loss of goodwill

  • loss of savings

  • loss of contract

Lastly, BeautyBoo excludes all terms and warranties or promises implied by law or by statutes as far as legally possible.

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